About Michelle:  I am an online college professor.  Previously, I have worked as a high school science teacher, pharmaceutical research quality assurance inspector, and military officer. My adventures in cooking are due, in large part, to difficulties in dealing with my paranoia regarding allergy friendly restaurant meals – I’m allergic to nuts and pineapple and I’m sleep-sensitive to MSG (can’t fall into a good sleep when I consume it).  My adventures in crafting were started at an early age when my mother taught me to sew Barbie clothes and my grandmother taught me to crochet.  My adventures in fitness were started in college when I shocked myself and my family by enrolling in AFROTC in college – I was not in any kind of shape to take that on at the time!  My perfect routine day is walking in the early morning, throwing together something yummy in the crock pot, designing coursework through the day, catching up with my family over dinner, and crocheting to reruns of Big Bang Theory or Bones at night.  My perfect non-routine day is sitting on the beach reading – all day!!


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