5 12 2015

My first twelve years of computer ownership involved Commodore products. Twenty years ago I got my first Windows PC, in order to crunch my grad school data on Excel.  At the time, I was fluent in Commodore-speak, Mac-speak, DOS-speak, and the emerging Windows-speak.  I knew how to program in BASIC, and later in C++. My military training school included a month of DOS, and I could work my way around the C drive with the best of them.  When I arrived at my first assignment, it was during the shift to Windows, and I was an early adopter.

sad faceNow, twenty years after getting my first Windows PC, I spent three hours yesterday trying to do one simple thing – boot into safe mode to uninstall Windows 10.  Never got it to work.  So, my only-three-year-old laptop is a blue screen brick with a big old “bad_system_config” unhappy face icon screen message.  I want to punch it in its unhappy icon face.  But, I doubt that would fix anything.  And, I’d probably get some sort of toxic screen chemicals in the cuts.

When did this happen?  When did tech become so bloated and confusing?  Why can’t I even get to a Format C: anymore?  (I tried it in desperation, but the computer refused to even let me go there).  And, trying Google for help?  Basically two camps – too simple, or too complicated.  Yes, I tried rebooting.  No, I don’t want to rebuild the machine.

I’ve decided it’s a planned obsolescence plot.  Sure, Macs cost more than PCs – but, the six-year-old Macs in the house are running without a glitch while we seem to be stockpiling broken PCs in every closet.  Since PCs are cheaper, they must have terminate code somewhere to cause us to give up and buy new every few years, right?  So frustrating.

It’s all a nefarious plot.  I’m sure of it.



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