The more things change…

12 12 2012

I started this blog years ago as a project for my national board certification while teaching high school.  With the rise of social media and my busy schedule, the blog never really took off.  Now, while searching for a way to keep my recipes and craft info accessible to me “in the cloud”, I came back to this blog.  Welcome to those who stumble upon it!!  But, even if it’s just me here, at least I’ll have my recipes in one spot 🙂  And, if anyone is wondering about the app status mentioned a couple of years ago – times change!  I now use the app Wunderlist to track to-do’s, grocery lists, and packing lists.  On a daily basis, I access information on an iPad, iPod, android phone, Dell laptop, Dell desktop, iMac, and MacBook Pro.  Cloud storage and universal access are a must!!



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