Science Websites…

3 01 2010

I subscribe to feeds from the following websites to make sure the information I give in class is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. This website is the homepage of the US Geological Survey.  One of my favorite parts of this website is the ability to check up on the earthquakes happening all over the globe.  In April of 2008, when the earthquake was felt around the state, I checked this website frequently for updates.  We will be using information from this website in class this month when we learn about earthquakes. This website is the homepage of the USA Today newspaper Technology section.  I have RSS feeds from this page going to my Google Reader so that I can stay updated on the latest advances in science and technology.

In order to stay updated, I have RSS feeds from my Google Reader account sent to my Mobile RSS iPod app.  Google reader is free, and the Mobile RSS app has a free Lite version.  Since I don’t have time to watch the news or to read the newspaper everyday, I appreciate how the RSS feeds keep my up-to-date quickly and give me information focused to my interests.



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