Apps I use everyday…

3 01 2010

Apps I use everyday:

Organizer iPod app

Over the past 6 months I’ve road tested over a dozen to-do and calendar apps.  The one I use every day now is called “Organizer”.  This app is useful because it allows me to sync my calendar and to-do list together.  All of my lesson plans and appointments are entered into iCal on my school Mac and then I sync that with Google calendar, which automatically syncs with Organizer.  That lets me enter things in only one place (in iCal) and have them show up wherever I need to access them.  This app also lets me post pictures on the calendar pages.  This is very useful for remembering the events of the day and for organizing what I’m wearing (since the last thing I want to do when getting ready for school is to figure out what to wear – I plan that ahead of time using the TouchCloset app).  I check the Organizer app many times each day and it has earned it’s spot on the top row of my iPod home page.

Info:  Website:                        Cost:  Lite version is free; Full version is $5.99

Awesome Note App

Since I have so many projects in the works at one time, it’s crucial for me to have a flexible note keeping app to get it all organized.  I use the Awesome Note app daily for that purpose.  Within the app I have various folders.  One of the most useful folders has the contact info for the parents of each of my students.  Having email addresses close at hand is very convenient when I have a question or concern about a student.  It also allows me to track when I’ve sent notes and emails home.  Another folder in the app allows me to track what books I’ve read.  And, I have other folders for other home and school information.

Info:  Website:                 Cost:  Lite version for free; Full version $3.99

Disclaimer:  I always advise getting the Lite (free) version of any app!  I never download the full version until I know it’s something I’m going to use so much that I need the extra features.  Lite versions are definitely the way to go for apps!



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